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1st Mortgage

At FNZCG we can provide you with a mortgage facility a standard mortgage is usually a first mortgage held over a Property or Chattel. FNZCG being a non-bank finance company offer flexible mortgages as first mortgages and are not constrained by Reserve Bank LVR Rules.
Talk to an FNZCG Mortgage manager today about your requirements be it a simple Home Mortgage, Commercial Property Mortgage or Development Finance

2nd Mortgage

Do you need a temporary  financial solution for a renovation or upgrade to your property. Or potentially buying a Chattel such as a boat but need to sell your existing boat first.
Talk to us and see if a temporary second mortgage solution is right for you. Call our team today they are only to happy to help

Reverse Mortgage

No need to look any further than your own home for a more comfortable retirement. With a reverse mortgage you could borrow against the value in your home to provide you with fixed monthly payments to boost your income without having to sell up and move. See if it’s right for you.
Talk to our team today they will be only to happy to help

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